[To meet a mother in law you rather meet a grave yard instead], this is a kiganda saying used by daughters in law .World over daughters in law would be witnesses to this and this shows how bad the relationship between mothers and daughters in law is that bad.Recent research shows that over 60 percent of women allover the world are in poor terms with their mothers in law and 99percent of daughters in law do not give a dam about their mothers in law .
With this ,one can wonder how bitter this relationship is and why is it like this?If you have ever witnessed for example your mother and her mother in law ,sister, friend or even a neighbor you must have observed the kind of relation ship they had and why it was like that.
For instance most times mothers in law detest their daughters in law because they think they are gold diggers and social climbers especially when the daughter is from a humble back ground.In other words if they are from poor families these mothers might think that the daughter is after the sons money and wealth.
For some daughters in law they will detest their mothers in law just because they witnessed the sour relationships of their mothers , sisters friends and other people .These take them for granted even if most times they are not as evil as they think ,this can also crop up a bitter relation ship between the two b3ecayuse of mistrust.
But there are also those that are like real mothers and daughters though sometimes it comes out of trying very had ,some are just as lu8ck their mothers in law have no problem with their daughters in law .so we should not take people for granted.



The football association of Zimbabwe has banned several officials and footballers from participating in any sports activity in Zimbabwe for allegedly engaging in the scandals that were associated with the Zimbabwean football association.These are said to have accepted bribe from betting companies and different countries who used to come to play with Zimbabwe, they accepted this money in exchange for their defeat that betting houses could get more profits.
When you look at the Ugandan football today , there is a lot of scandals and wrangles; should we think that these who are bringing about all these are being funded by someone also? There is a lot of wrangles in football ,kick boxing and many other sports.

As of today in Uganda we have two factions of football ruling bodies with there two leagues ;one under Lawrence Mulindwa the elected FUFA president and another by the wanna bes headed by Kabenge and company.Their misunderstandings have come a long way and have even been to courts of law but all in vein .
If you look critically into the cause of these conflicts you will see that the most pressing cause is money where a certain faction asserts that the riling regime is earning a lot of money and they also want to get a snare plus the refusal of that faction to recognize that there has to be a superior in everything whether you support him or not.
These people go a head to celebrate at the loss of the national football team the cranes just because they are against the governing body that organized the match, and unshamingly they come out to the public with there claims. For example of recent some individuals came out in the open to celebrate the Uganda cranes failure to qualify for the Africa cup of nations slated for next year in south Africa.Do these people really love our country and more so the development of ugandas sports?such people need to be investigated in they are not really earning from the scandals they create.


Many say that years back the education system in Uganda was the best in east Africa producing professionals and qualified persons with the best skills.Today although the education system has lost value producing more job seekers and arrogant people than job creators  and learn t persons.

When you see the educated today its them that do not respect  people in the society ,they judge people  according to there level of education and status yet they are supposed to respect each and everyone.Its the politicians today who claim are educated that take advantage of the poor people.that is;they are the most corrupt,use their positions to dodge traffic rules like jam as its a pleasure for other people to sit and wait until the jam moves.

The educated today are mo0re of job seekers and seekers of white collar jobs.These are the ones you find cannot even try creating something that can earn them money and when they look for jobs they will say; i can not do such and such a job yet he or she can not use the knowledge he  or she  acquired from school.

The education system in Uganda is more theoretical than practical that some one graduates with a bachelors degree in engineering yet he or she does not even know how to use the different machines, and this has resulted into the rampant  faking of papers, of recent several lecturers at maker ere were being questioned about the various reports about faked academic qualifications of certain people.

Its the educated that are pioneering the deterioration  of our  values in the society, many educated today don’t want to use the local languages,they call some cultural practices satanic, have adopted European practices which are not accepted in our society because they promote immorality eg the ways of dressing.

some blame all this on the colonialists who did not want to see any African productive that i8s why they used our economic activities to act as punishments for wrong doers at school eg digging and slashing,called our local languages vernacular which has also contributed to the production of job seekers.Because when they go out of school ignore those activities which were usually accord to them in form of punishments even if they do not have what to do.

However whoever is responsible for this situation its upon us all as Ugandans to change this trend for the betterment of our country


Every child’s dream is to have a family comprising of a mother and a father although most times  they find themselves growing up without fathers.Today there many single mothers allover the world due to different reasons like domestic violence ,neglect ion by fathers and many others .Whatever the reason might be  girls without fathers almost face similar challenges in life.Many times girls grow up with a belief that almost every man is untrustworthy  and are scared to get married because they think they might end up like their mothers {single mothers}. They tend to concentrate so much on education because they think it is their only Savior and luckily enough their mothers  ensure that they take their children to school.Their mothers see them as a solution to their hardships when they grow up and get married to rich men , they will also get married to rich men whether they love them or not if it is a way they would get their mothers to have a good life without objection.They also work hard because  they know besides their mothers there is no any one to rely on so as to sustain themselves that is why they go for other simple jobs to help with the bills at home.Some grow up having less or no respect for men who tend to behave like their fathers in society.Some are also untamed since they grow up knowing that it is them to protect themselves from any evil.These girls grow up with an idea that they cannot rely on men for survivor that is why even when they get married they remain independent that is they still work to provide for their needs.Some girls tend to be very proud that they do not  accept any help from any one because they know nothing is for free in life .Also tend to be more aggressive  towards life and this helps them a great deal.Do these challenges make them better or worse of women ?It depends on how you see  or take  them. 


Many Ugandans had so much waited for this game to come between  Uganda and Zambia which had been slated for 13 October  at Namboole stadium .Even when FUFA had hiked the entering fee to almost twice the usual amount it did not stop many from going in large numbers because they were certain that the cranes were to go as victors at the end of the match.Luckily within a few minutes cranes were

counting a goal and it had now added up to  a draw because in the first  leg Zambia had defeated Uganda .The time had come to see who was to qualify to the next level but unfortunately the match ended without  identifying the winner and they were to go for penalties which  made some people to start doubting  if we were to qualify and to worsen it all the Uganda cranes captain missed a penalty and at the end Uganda was defeat   ed  leaving so many Ugandans disappointed .At the end of the day life goes on and we hope the next time we will have better luck and we will qualify.

men sacrificed for their tougues andprivate parts

in the last50 years uganda has faced several evils with the latest being killing men and cutting out their tougue and private parts and afterwards the parts are taken .in is being experienced in the districts of mityana and kiboga this has left many of the citizen in these areas in great fear because the police is not also helping them.what a way to start the other 50 years of independence!


what have you done for your country Uganda as we are celebrating the golden jubilee of  independence? it does not matter how old you are, each one of us can contribute to the development of this country young or old in our own way.so before we celebrate the 50 years what are you planning to do for this country in the next 50 years.