The football association of Zimbabwe has banned several officials and footballers from participating in any sports activity in Zimbabwe for allegedly engaging in the scandals that were associated with the Zimbabwean football association.These are said to have accepted bribe from betting companies and different countries who used to come to play with Zimbabwe, they accepted this money in exchange for their defeat that betting houses could get more profits.
When you look at the Ugandan football today , there is a lot of scandals and wrangles; should we think that these who are bringing about all these are being funded by someone also? There is a lot of wrangles in football ,kick boxing and many other sports.

As of today in Uganda we have two factions of football ruling bodies with there two leagues ;one under Lawrence Mulindwa the elected FUFA president and another by the wanna bes headed by Kabenge and company.Their misunderstandings have come a long way and have even been to courts of law but all in vein .
If you look critically into the cause of these conflicts you will see that the most pressing cause is money where a certain faction asserts that the riling regime is earning a lot of money and they also want to get a snare plus the refusal of that faction to recognize that there has to be a superior in everything whether you support him or not.
These people go a head to celebrate at the loss of the national football team the cranes just because they are against the governing body that organized the match, and unshamingly they come out to the public with there claims. For example of recent some individuals came out in the open to celebrate the Uganda cranes failure to qualify for the Africa cup of nations slated for next year in south Africa.Do these people really love our country and more so the development of ugandas sports?such people need to be investigated in they are not really earning from the scandals they create.


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