Literary Wives: The Disobedient Wife

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A disobedient wife, in the context of contemporary Tajikistan, is a wife who wants autonomy and acts on it. The Disobedient Wife (2015), beautifully written if somewhat disjointed in the transitions through time, is a strong statement of what women need and want in order to exercise their agency. We see this theme through the two main female characters of Annika Milisic-Stanley’s book, Nargis and Harriet.

The Disobedient Wife is the June read for the Literary Wives Series, hosted by these bloggers.

Naomi of Consumed by Ink

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We attempt to understand and explore the following question in the books we read for the series.

What does this book say about wives or about the experience of being a wife?

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Nargis is a local woman in Dushanbe who must work to make ends meet. She…

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understanding peoples situations

many times we judge people because of the way they behave or look at things without knowing why would a person behave in such a way.a person might be hurt because of may be past hurt that is as a child or any other kind of hurt which influenced their way of thinking and their attitude towards rinstance did you know that growing up a fatherless daughter influences the girls attitude towards men as a whole .some girls who grow up without fathers become promiscuous and others hate men with all the fiber in their body and this is as a result of fathers is upon each person to understand other people which we can only do by reading to find ways how we can help that person without judging him or her


each year has its ups and downs and 2015 has not bee an exceptional, but its a matter of appreciating what you have achieved and what has challenged you ,because at the end of the day the challenges teach us a lot and make us better people ,so celebrate with whatever you have got cause think about it, you still have the greatest gift of all and that’s life and it is all because of gods grace.

I thank god because I have achieved so much; I graduated this year with a bachelors degree in mass communication and other many successes I have got ,though there has been challenges but I can end this year with a smile and say its ok and it will be better in time.