Many people think that when someone decides to give  out it is because they have a lot ,but no ,each one  of us is in a position  to give out something whether they are poor or rich.Giving is not only about material things , it can also be in form of advises  ,services and a lot other things .Genuine giver is that somebody who gives out something however small it might be but when it is from the heart inortherwards giving whole heartedly.

For instance  there was this old couple who found newly wedded couple stranded on the road  because their car had broke down yet it was very late in the night .The old couple offered to take them to their home so as to help them .The old coup0les house had three rooms one the sitting room and the rest were their bed room and a store ,they told the newly weds to go and freshen up as they prepare for the children’s  room ,afterwards they showed them a room and they went to sleep .When the newly weds woke up they realized that the old couple had slept on the sofa.

The newly weds felt so embarrassed  and the old couple money but they refused saying they did that as a way to help and because of their value and respect  for a wedding and it was the only way they could  give out because3 it was not that they had money to give them look for a better place.

So, think about it do you give because you want to show off ,because it is an obligation  ,because some one has given out or it is from the heart.



When Barack Obama was elected the president of the united states of America , many Africans were  very excited because he has his roots from Africa ,that is Kenya in particular be cause his father was Kenyan.

Many were not only  excited because he was a black man ,but they also thought that his policies would favor African s.What they forgot that he was a US president and his policies would favor the

Americans mostly.By the end of his first term  many Africans were  disappointed by some of his policies like supporting the gay rights and abortion plus not doing what some Africans expected of him.

Obama coming back for the second term many Africans are not so much excited as before  but still wold prefer him to his counterpart Romney.Obama will give relief to the illegal African immigrants in America and Romney they are not sure of his stand.

Whatever your take would be on the American presidential elections the power is in the hands of the American people to decide who is to be the president of that country.