Every child’s dream is to have a family comprising of a mother and a father although most times  they find themselves growing up without fathers.Today there many single mothers allover the world due to different reasons like domestic violence ,neglect ion by fathers and many others .Whatever the reason might be  girls without fathers almost face similar challenges in life.Many times girls grow up with a belief that almost every man is untrustworthy  and are scared to get married because they think they might end up like their mothers {single mothers}. They tend to concentrate so much on education because they think it is their only Savior and luckily enough their mothers  ensure that they take their children to school.Their mothers see them as a solution to their hardships when they grow up and get married to rich men , they will also get married to rich men whether they love them or not if it is a way they would get their mothers to have a good life without objection.They also work hard because  they know besides their mothers there is no any one to rely on so as to sustain themselves that is why they go for other simple jobs to help with the bills at home.Some grow up having less or no respect for men who tend to behave like their fathers in society.Some are also untamed since they grow up knowing that it is them to protect themselves from any evil.These girls grow up with an idea that they cannot rely on men for survivor that is why even when they get married they remain independent that is they still work to provide for their needs.Some girls tend to be very proud that they do not  accept any help from any one because they know nothing is for free in life .Also tend to be more aggressive  towards life and this helps them a great deal.Do these challenges make them better or worse of women ?It depends on how you see  or take  them. 


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