[To meet a mother in law you rather meet a grave yard instead], this is a kiganda saying used by daughters in law .World over daughters in law would be witnesses to this and this shows how bad the relationship between mothers and daughters in law is that bad.Recent research shows that over 60 percent of women allover the world are in poor terms with their mothers in law and 99percent of daughters in law do not give a dam about their mothers in law .
With this ,one can wonder how bitter this relationship is and why is it like this?If you have ever witnessed for example your mother and her mother in law ,sister, friend or even a neighbor you must have observed the kind of relation ship they had and why it was like that.
For instance most times mothers in law detest their daughters in law because they think they are gold diggers and social climbers especially when the daughter is from a humble back ground.In other words if they are from poor families these mothers might think that the daughter is after the sons money and wealth.
For some daughters in law they will detest their mothers in law just because they witnessed the sour relationships of their mothers , sisters friends and other people .These take them for granted even if most times they are not as evil as they think ,this can also crop up a bitter relation ship between the two b3ecayuse of mistrust.
But there are also those that are like real mothers and daughters though sometimes it comes out of trying very had ,some are just as lu8ck their mothers in law have no problem with their daughters in law .so we should not take people for granted.


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