Many say that years back the education system in Uganda was the best in east Africa producing professionals and qualified persons with the best skills.Today although the education system has lost value producing more job seekers and arrogant people than job creators  and learn t persons.

When you see the educated today its them that do not respect  people in the society ,they judge people  according to there level of education and status yet they are supposed to respect each and everyone.Its the politicians today who claim are educated that take advantage of the poor people.that is;they are the most corrupt,use their positions to dodge traffic rules like jam as its a pleasure for other people to sit and wait until the jam moves.

The educated today are mo0re of job seekers and seekers of white collar jobs.These are the ones you find cannot even try creating something that can earn them money and when they look for jobs they will say; i can not do such and such a job yet he or she can not use the knowledge he  or she  acquired from school.

The education system in Uganda is more theoretical than practical that some one graduates with a bachelors degree in engineering yet he or she does not even know how to use the different machines, and this has resulted into the rampant  faking of papers, of recent several lecturers at maker ere were being questioned about the various reports about faked academic qualifications of certain people.

Its the educated that are pioneering the deterioration  of our  values in the society, many educated today don’t want to use the local languages,they call some cultural practices satanic, have adopted European practices which are not accepted in our society because they promote immorality eg the ways of dressing.

some blame all this on the colonialists who did not want to see any African productive that i8s why they used our economic activities to act as punishments for wrong doers at school eg digging and slashing,called our local languages vernacular which has also contributed to the production of job seekers.Because when they go out of school ignore those activities which were usually accord to them in form of punishments even if they do not have what to do.

However whoever is responsible for this situation its upon us all as Ugandans to change this trend for the betterment of our country


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